“RDS Diode-108 Kit

'Free Expansion Drum Kit'


free drum samples

Hear These Sounds In Action First!

How To Download?

To use the RealDrumSamples kit for Diode-108, you’ll need the full version of Diode (not the free version).

  •  Download the full version of Diode-108 here: Diode-108
  • Download the RealDrumSamples Diode-108 kit here: RDS Diode-108 Kit
  • Be sure to check out our Quick Tips section for tutorials on drum programming.





  • Download the kit. It’s a zip file. Place file into Dropbox in the Diode-108/Kits directory. You can do this on your iPad or on your computer.
  • In Diode-108, go to the DRUM MACHINE view in the app and press LOAD.
  • Tap “Import from Dropbox”. If you haven’t attached your Dropbox account to Diode, you’ll be prompted to log in to DropBox.
  • In the KIT BROWSER, you should see “RealDrumSamples Diode108”. Select it and press LOAD.
  • You can now use the kit just as you would a built-in kit. (You can delete it from Dropbox now.)
  • Any time you would like to use the new kit, Go to DRUM MACHINE, press LOAD, and find the kit in the Custom Kits group.