Quick Tips

Timing Quantizing Drum Samples

Timing, quantization and swing can either make or break your beat. Learn how to use it the right way and avoid making your drums sound static ()

Crescendo Drum Samples

Sometimes, no matter how epic and thick your drums and hook sound, you just can’t seem to make it blast out of your speakers. ()

Panning Drums Drum Samples

How do you make your drums fill the entire room and sound like a monster attacking you from all sides? Find out in this article ()

Enjoying your new 3D sounding drums? Watch this video and truly rise as a drum programming god. I hold nothing back in this article ()

Musicality Drum Samples

What makes the difference between a beat maker and a world class producer? And how do you become the latter one? ()

Song Structure Drum Samples

Produce full songs instead of only making looped beats. The most important lesson to be learned by any up and coming producer ()

tuning 808 kick drum samples

Learn how and why tuning your 808 kick drum samples can make a huge difference on the impact of your beat ()


Having the biggest 808 kick sounds is not enough if you can’t hear the low’s… How can you best display them on laptop speakers? ()

compressing drums

Learn the drum compression techniques used on Grammy winning projects and create a coherent drum sound that bangs like no other ()


How do you work with Grammy winners and famous music people? Simple! just follow my initial 3-step process and make it happen ()


If there would be 1 mixing tool that is really easy to learn and that you would need to apply to every mix. Would you want to know more about it? ()

drum transients

Instead of compressing, make your drums extra punchy by boosting their transients. Interested? All you need is this one simple technique here ()