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Jean-Marie Horvat

Credits: Beyonce, Timbaland, Trey Songz, Justin Timberlake


“They sound Amazing”
Dave Aron

Credits: U2, Dr. Dre, The Notorious B.I.G., Snoop Dogg

“I like the wide variety and sonic quality. I really like ’em.”

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Neal Pogue

Credits: Outkast, Pink, Nicki Minaj, LL Cool J

“I love what I heard! The 808’s, snares and

percussions, these sound so great.”

Claudio Cueni

Credits: 2Pac, Nas, Anthony Hamilton, James Brown

“LOVING these sounds! Already using them in a new production.”


Looking For Drums SO Good They…?


  • Blast out of the speakers without you having to push the volume?
  • Nodding your head is inevitable the moment you press play?
  • Fill the entire room with a thick sound rather than oozing out of your speakers?
  • Sound like an entity instead of some standalone drum sounds thrown together?
  • Make other producers come up to you asking how you got your beats to hit so hard?

Why Listen To Me?

Hi, My name is Jay Fisher and after having spent over half a decade professionally in the music industry, I’ve had many experiences working with hip hop & rap heavyweights, Grammy winners and nominees.

To get my beats to that level where I would finally get noticed by my favorite artists, who I so much looked up to and wanted to work with so badly, I’ve had to build a gigantic collection of the best drum kits and acoustic percussion samples out there.

To get there it took me years to record anything from vinyl records, CD compilations, tape cassettes, vintage samplers & MPC’s and an immense amount of my own live recordings. Plus sampling and processing in analog studio’s and experimenting with HD high definition sample-rates & old school 8 BIT, versus 16 & 24 BIT Wav files. Then after having utterly fallen in the trap of being a perfectionist, I completely changed everything yet again to finally arrive at my own preferred musical palette of digital drum kits.

Looking back at it in 2019 it was definitely worth it because…


Jay Fisher


“If the Drums don’t bang…

The Beat don’t bang!”


 Words spoken by any successful hip hop producer, ever.

Want My Knowledge?

For a limited period of time, I’m willing to share, not only my colossal sound library, but also my secretly kept, simple techniques on beat making and music production, which you can apply instantly to:

Get your beats to sound the way you want them to!

Now, you might be thinking: Why am I offering all this exclusive content to you? 


Jay Fisher


Why do I Share?

The music industry is a cutthroat place and me and my production team have always kept our samples and instruments strictly to ourselves. This way we were able to keep our competitive edge and signature sound. When we as a professional production team decided to depart the music industry to become successful in other areas of life, I figured it would be such a huge waste to just stash away ‘our gold’,  that contributed so much to our success and artistic style.

Therefore, I’ve now finally decided, with the full support of my team, to share our exclusive drum kits and secret tricks to help you achieve success and recognition in your own right.


Jay Fisher

The Beatnuts

Credits: Big Pun, Jennifer Lopez, Akon, Method Man

“These are crazy!
Definitely using them”
Gennaro Schiano

Credits: Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, T.I., Drake

“These sounds are the real deal.
Instant vibe for production”


Music Production Site –
2.000.000 monthly visitors.

“The recordings are Superb”

What do I Give?


1. Free Drum Kits Package

First of all, I offer you a royalty-free drum samples pack of the highest quality, which has been carefully selected from my full Premium Packages libraries.

You can download these instantly by signing up to my e-mail newsletter. This way I can also send you more cool stuff and the best new samples in the future.

These are .Wav audio files (one shots and loops), loadable in any DAW and virtual or hardware drum machine.
Here’s what’s included in the free drum kit packs:

  • Monster 808 Kicks
  • Pounding Bass Drum Kicks
  • Piercing Hard Hitting Snares
  • Competition Shattering Claps
  • Smooth, High-definition Finger Snaps
  • Ultra Crisp Hi Hats
  • Thundering Toms
  • Crystal Clear Cymbals
  • Loads of Extraordinary Percussive Sounds


Jay Fisher



2. Making The Beat – How To Series

Secondly, I offer a section on How To Make Beats, again totally at no charge!

This section contains articles in which I (and sometimes my accomplished music colleagues) will completely break down songs we did, some even for high caliber projects, and:

  • Reveal all the techniques we used to create the rhythm loop and play these patterns, breaks and solo’s on personal projects.

  • Teach you how to properly use quantization to master tempo and swing to get that perfect bounce in your songs.

  • Reveal where we got the inspiration from.

  • Show you simple tips & tricks to drastically improve your sound.

  • Give you ALL the drums used in those songs as a freebie.


Jay Fisher



3. Quick Tips – Article + Video Series

Thirdly, as if it could even get any better, I’m offering you an epic
Quick Tips section where I will showcase simple and effective techniques you can apply to your production right away, through short videos and accompanying explanatory step-by-step articles.

Yet again you don’t have to pay a single cent for this! I’m putting everything I’ve learned during my time in the music industry on this site and I hope it will make a positive impact on your learning curve as a producer / beatmaker / music enthousiast.




Jay Fisher



How Can I Get The Free Package?!

Click the Download Now and tell me where to send it to! Make sure to fill in your primary email address because I will be sending you more quality stuff in the next days.

Looking For EPIC Drum Samples?

Get 100+ of my best drum samples completely FREE! Right now!  

Looking For EPIC Drum Samples?

Get 100+ of my best drum samples completely FREE! Right now!  

Looking For EPIC Drum Samples?

Get 100+ of my best drum samples completely FREE! Right now!