Quick Tip #5 – Musicality


What makes the difference between a simple beat maker and a world class producer? And more importantly, how can you become the latter one? In other words said it’s not only about the quality of the drum samples you use, but how to use them with musicality also.

In this and the upcoming video I will explain two basic characteristics that most contemporary upcoming producers lack. So, if you acquire these skills, you will almost immediately move up the ladder, since your sound will simply rise above the sounds of the gross of producers that struggle to get noticed.


Become a Musician

The first skill that I would advise you to focus on is musicality. Nowadays, a lot of producers just work from behind their computer without being able to play any instrument or without any knowledge about musical theory. They simply download some free drum samples and click somewhere on the screen in the music production software. In one way, this is of course a great thing. Because of the modern-day technological possibilities, you don’t need to spend hours and hours on learning how to play multiple instruments to be able to create some decent music. In fact, basically anyone can creatively express themselves using just a simple DAW.

That being said, if you DO have solid, real musical skills, your productions will go straight through the roof. And by solid, real musical skills I definitely don’t mean that they need to be on a conservatory level. Rather, just knowing how to play some chords and melodies on a piano (keyboard) or guitar can make a huge difference when you’re producing a track.

You will understand how music works and therefore it will be much easier to create high-quality beats every time you sit behind your set-up using the killer free drum samples you downloaded from the RDS homepage (> hint). In addition, you will also have a truly great source of inspiration within reach when you can play an instrument. By just jamming and trying out new stuff on any instrument, I often get super strong inspiration myself!

Your newly learned musician skills will also work very well if you have already created something in your DAW, e.g. a drum pattern or a (chopped) sample pattern and you want to add something. No matter how basic it is that you have, just put it on repeat and sit behind any instrument on which you can play a few notes and/or chords. It can really help you to ‘discover’ what should be in the beat.


Music Lessons:

In case you don’t have the (financial) means to take real life music lessons, don’t worry. There are lots of cheap ways to learn the basics of playing an instrument. Remember, you don’t need to become a pro musician to become a pro producer! Just use Google to look for cheap or even free music lessons. There are tons of people offering basic piano and guitar lessons online with the help of tutorial videos.

So start to and keep developing yourself musically, it is an absolutely vital skill of every world class producer!


Quick Tip #5 Musicality:

As a producer, develop yourself musically. Learn the basics of playing one or multiple instruments and try to get some basic understanding of music theory. It will help you to get inspiration more easily and it will inevitably pay off in much stronger productions.


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