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- Are You looking for Drums SO Good they:

  • Seem to Blast out of your Speakers without you having to push the volume?
  • Make everyone listening to your song uncontrollably Nod their Heads the moment you press play?
  • Fill the entire room with a Thick Sound rather than oozing out of your speakers?
  • Sound like one STRONG Entity instead of some standalone drum sounds thrown together?

We can help YOU to get your drums to that level so you might actually find yourself


- Working with your Favourite Stars

After having spent near half a decade professionally in the music industry we’ve had many experiences working with Grammy Winners and Grammy Nominees (including songwriters and producers for Kanye WestDr. Dre, Rihanna, Usher & Trey Songz). To finally get our foot in the door we’ve had to build a gigantic premium personal library of drum samples and percussion sounds and endlessly reinvent ourselves to get our beats to that highest level where we would get noticed. Especially in the urban music scene the saying is true that:


“If the Drums don’t bang, the Beat don’t bang”


- Offering YOU our Knowledge and Sounds!

For a limited period of time, we are willing to share with you not only our Colossal Drum Sound Library, but also our simple and secret techniques that you can apply directly and easily so you can get your drums to sound like YOU want them to sound. Now, you might be wondering WHY we are offering this exclusive content to you…


- WHY do we Share?

The music industry is a cutthroat place and we have always kept our drum samples and percussion sounds strictly to ourselves. This way, we were able to keep our competitive edge and signature sound. When we as a team decided to depart the music industry in 2013 to pursue other areas of life, we figured that it would be a huge waste if we would just stow away ‘our gold’ and never put it to use again. Therefore, we have now finally decided as a team to share our exclusive Drum Kits and Tips & Tricks to help you achieve the best sounding drums possible and hopefully achieve success and recognition in your own right.

- WHAT do we Offer?

1. First of all, we offer you a highest quality Free Drum Samples Package, which has been carefully selected from our entire ‘Premium Packages drum sounds library. Here’s a short overview of what’s in the package:

  • 100+ Superior Quality Sounds:
  • Monster 808 Sounds
  • Epic Pounding Kicks
  • Piercing Hard-Hitting Snares
  • Competition Shattering Claps
  • Smooth, High-definition Finger Snaps
  • Ultra Crisp Hi-Hats
  • Thundering Toms
  • Crystal Clear Cymbals
  • Loads of Extraordinary Percussion Sounds from all around the world

2. Secondly, we offer a ‘Making the Beat‘ section on this website, again totally FREE! This section contains articles in which we will completely breakdown songs we did, some even for high caliber projects, and:

  • Reveal all the Techniques used to create the Drums Sounds and Patterns
  • Reveal where we got the Inspiration
  • Show you simple Tips & Tricks to drastically improve your sound
  • Plus Give you ALL the Drum Sounds used in those songs for FREE

3. Thirdly, as if it could get any better, we offer a ‘Quick Tips‘ section where we showcase simple and effective techniques you can apply to your production right away through short videos and short accompanying explanatory articles. Yet again we are giving this away for absolutely FREE.

- HOW Can I Get This?

Hip Hop Drum SamplesThe only thing you have to do is tell us where we can send you your Free Drum Samples download link by: filling in your email address on the top right side of this page. You will then receive your unique download link within minutes. In addition, we will try (for as far as our time allows for it) to keep you up to date. Please note: We don’t want you to provide us any personal information or credit card details. And of course, we won’t spam you. Just fill in your first name and e-mail address to receive your completely FREE sample pack of our Drum Sound Library!