Quick Tip #2 – Crescendo: Building Up Tension


Crescendo – Building Up Tension

Sometimes, no matter how epic and thick your drum samples and hook sounds, you just can’t seem to make it blast out of your speakers when you play it after your verse, climb or build-up. The obvious way of trying to solve this is by making the hook heavier (putting more bass and a stronger crash sound at the beginning). But you might be focusing your attention on the wrong thing: you are probably in need of more tension before the hook!

How do you create the Perfect Tension before the hook?

After quite a while of struggling with this myself, I found out that the explosiveness of the hook depends not only on the quality of the drum sounds you use but also very largely on the amount of tension before the hook. One (very strong) way of increasing the tension is using a Crescendo.

In Making The Beat Article #3, I provided a download link where you can get such crescendo sounds (and a LOT of other sounds) for free. 

I also recommend trying to create some Crescendo’s yourself, simply by reversing crash, gong or exhaling sounds. In the video below, I’ll show you how it works and sounds:

Quick Tip #2 Crescendo:

Try to make your own Crescendo’s by reversing crashes or other cymbal sounds and see what they do to your pre-hook’s and build-up’s!


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