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Hey, Jay here again. Thank you for deciding to get my Ancient Astronaut Drums, which is the little brother of my main Premium Packages Line of Legends and Ultimate Percussion Jungle.

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Arrows DownYou are here because you are really serious about getting your beats to that highest level they can get. I was exactly in your shoes and I’d like to help you, as an Ancient Astronaut Drums owner, by offering you a chance to upgrade to one or both of my massive main Premium Packages with a 15% discount right now.

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“jay-fisherJay Fisher


Kick Drum Samples

Line of Legends Drum Sounds

“The most Epic, Heavy Hitting Drums in the game.
Made for the best, used by the best”
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Percussion Samples

Ultimate Percussion Jungle Percussion Samples

“The inexhaustible library of exclusive percussion
instruments. Create your signature sound now”

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